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To our loyal customers and friends: 2nd Time Around Sports is taking the following steps to help ensure customer safety during the Covid-19 Event:

1. As always we continue to sanitize all consignment products using our Sanisport Machine which is a Military Grade Sanitization and Disinfection Machine. For more information about the machine go to:
2. We are taking additional measures by sanitizing not only our consignment products but everything in our store including new items which account for more than 70% of our inventory.
3. Weather permitting our front door will remain open to minimize contact with the door handle.
4. There is a hand sanitizer stand located at our front door for all customers use.
5. There is hand sanitizer at each cash out station for customers use.
6. Computer screens, devices and countertops will be sanitized as frequently as possible throughout the day.⁣
7. Team members will be sanitizing their hands after transactions involving cash, as well as Computer screens.⁣
8. Store surfaces (tables, doorknobs, etc) will be sanitized as frequently as possible.⁣

These are just some of the steps being taken in our Store. Our Customers and our Employees safety has always been and will always continue to be of the highest priority to us. We ask that everyone do their part so If you’re feeling ill, please stay home and get some rest. If you’re not then make sure frequent local businesses who could use your support during these times. And as always wash those hands!

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