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Skate Services

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Let us help you get the most from your skates.

Not only do we feature quality Skate Sharpening while you wait at both of our store locations for just $8, but we also offer a variety of Skate Services that will allow you to maximize your skate purchase by matching them to your playing style, position or stride.

profiling skate sharpening

We know that in hockey Consistency is one of the most important assets when it comes to your skates, so we train all our staff to sharpen the same way, so you'll always get the same great performance the next time you hit the ice.


Don't forget to pick up a skate sharpening card.
Pay for Five Sharpening and your Sixth is Free!
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Profiling is the best way to modify your
skates steel to optimize your game. Tell us if you're a High Flying Center, a Banging Winger who digs in the corners or an Defensive Player who likes to jump in the play (or not) and quickly hop back to your Defensive Responsibilities. We'll match a few variables like Height and Weight and find the perfect profile for you.
PRO TIP Don't let a broken blade bench you at the worst time in the big game. No Steel no Ice! We recommend purchasing a pair of replacement steel, we'll sharpen them just like the ones on your skates, keep them in your bag and if disaster strikes you can quickly swap them out and not miss a shift.

Need Replacement Steel? We have a Wide Range of Steel from all the big names and some after market companies that offer hi-end alternatives to stock steel.


Skates still bothering you in one spot? We offer Skate Baking (always free with Skate Purchase) for a custom fit.


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