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Answering Commonly Asked Questions about Equipment Consignment


Do you only sell used gear?

No! But you can trade-in or consign your old gear (condition permitting) for either credit towards other gear (New or Used) or receive a check when your product sells on consignment. We have a massive selection of new gear from the biggest names in sports, so bringing in your old sell-able gear is like bringing in your own coupon!

Is there any appointment required to bring my items in?


Again, No! When we take items for consignment, no appointment is required. Weekdays are always best so we can take care of you right away due to heavy store traffic on the weekends, but we’re fine with weekends as well, you just may have to wait a little longer.

What Condition does my Gear have to be in?


We take items in based on the quality and age of the goods as well as criteria such as the model year, popularity and the time of the season (the buying season for particular sports.). Please remember that just because you paid $200 for something in 2002 doesn’t mean it has the same value today.


What is the process?


When you bring your items in a staff member will review the condition and let you know if we can take them based on some/all of the criteria above. If your items are eligible we will have you fill a form out with some basic information in order to Set you up in the Consignment Program and so that we can enter and track your Products on Consignment. You will receive a copy of the Form with a list of the items you have dropped off for your records.


What are my options besides Consignment?


While Consignment is usually the way to get the best value for your gear, we can also save you money by applying a trade in value if you are making a purchase (Such as bringing in used skates when purchasing new hockey gear) or, at a Manager’s offer you an amount to buy outright under the specific circumstances.


How much do I get on Consignment?


You will receive 60% of what the goods are sold for (we determine sale price). You can receive the money in the form of a check or a store credit.


How long before I get my money?


When item(s) sell, there is always a few weeks processing time to allow for any possible merchandise returns etc.


Is there a time limit on collecting my money?


Yes, any monies not claimed within 24 - 36 months can only be claimed as a store credit while any monies not claimed after 36 months will be surrendered.


What is the liability if any, attached to consigning items?


2nd Time Around Sports is not responsible for damage or loss of consigned items due to any foreseen or unforeseen occurrences.


What is the time limit on Items left on consignment?


Any items not sold after 24 months will be discarded. It is the customers Right/Responsibility to come in and claim these items within that time period if they have not sold.

Are the items sanitary?


Yes!! Absolutely, we have our very own sanitizing machine that all our used items we have received go through to eliminate all germs and give you that "good as new" feeling.


How can I check and see if my stuff has sold?


Yes, Customers may call us at 401-944-9380 to check in on the status of their account. We do ask that you please wait at least 2-3 weeks before calling on products that you have just dropped off with us. Of course you are always welcome to visit us at any time and check on your consignment status.


If you have any other questions about Consignment and how you can save money bringing in your used gear call us at 401-944-9380 or email us here anytime.

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