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Ice Tested: Byonic Steel

When I'm not helping you get the very best deals possible, you can most likely find me at the rink. I play hockey 3-4 times a week. Once every couple of months it never fails, I break a skate blade. Another 60 dollars blown just to know it will keep happening again the following month. Repeatedly replacing skate blades was my regular routine until we were approached by Byonic Steel and the way I thought about Skate blades changed forever.


Byonic Steel is built to last. We are sure to field test (or in this case, ice test) a new product like this before bringing it in and I was issued a demo pair of the $99.99 Speed Blade polished steel to fit my CCM + 4.0 Holder version. This was 6 months ago and they are still going strong. After taking pucks off the blade regularly, sharpening once a week and skating hard on them, they haven’t broken. This is a completely new experience for me when it comes to replacement blades. I could not be more satisfied with the way they have lasted. Whenever I do need new steel (which doesn't seem like it will be anytime in the near future) I will be getting Byonic Steel.

I have spent almost 10 of my 26 years sharpening skates, both my own, teammates, and thousands of customer skates and these truly hold an edge. What do i mean by hold an edge? I mean that when you get these sharpened the sharpness will last longer, its much less likely you'll blow out an edge or get small chips in the blade. This means less sharpening , which means less times you lose blade, and of course less money spend with frequent trips to your local sharpening joint.


Surprised as I was in the longevity of the these blades, I was just as pleasantly surprised to find out the benefit it had on my skating. The materials used give you an edge with great bite but also allows a good glide off on each stride. Quick cuts are smoother and easier to handle at top speed and maintaining that straight away speed is made possible by a greater blade profile. I can push the pace without worrying about losing my edge. They give me added mental confidence, which in hockey is everything.


Replacing steel with the stock company steel (That steel I keep breaking) costs $59.99 roughly. The polished high level Byonic steel is listed at $99.99. That’s $40 more for piles of peace of mind and more importantly a product that will easily save you that amount over 4-6 months. Here is the kicker, These Blades come with a One Year Warranty through Byonic in the US. From a hockey skate steel perspective that's just insane.

Byonic Steel is available in the “SpeedBlade” for CCM Skates and the “Edge” for Lightspeed Edge Tuuks found on Bauer Skates. Installation is quick and easy and on par with changing Stock Skate Steel.You can learn more about Byonic HEREor see the complete collection on our BYONIC PRODUCT PAGE

So do the issues with Steel sound familiar to you? Get yourself set up with a pair or two and be set for your season. As always If you want to ask any specific questions I'll be glad to assist you via Phone, Chat or Email on our CONTACT PAGE

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