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MyBauer has come to 2nd Time Around Sports: The Search for your Excalibur.

We all know the story.

You go from brand to brand, flex point to flex point, curve to curve, grip to non-grip. You do this in hopes of finding the holy grail of hockey sticks. You hope to check all the boxes; always feels great in your hands, handles well, shoots hard, accurate passing and sturdy stick checking. I know the search you are going through, I’ve been there.

There is always something you would change about the stick you are using, and if you finally find a stick you absolutely love, it gets discontinued. A Huge bummer, you have to start the search again and you are dreading it.

That search might be over a lot quicker, when you come into 2nd Time Around Sports.

2nd Time has always offered a wide variety of stick styles for you to choose from, we carry middle of the road to the top of the line sticks for all types of players.

If you are a top of the line stick user and I know personally, there really is no going back.


MyBauer has come to 2nd Time Around Sports, you heard that right, The ability to fully customize your sticks is right here in your back yard. This is much more then getting your name put on your stick. My Bauer is a butt end to blade fully customizable stick. This stick is unique to you, your choices. Beware the "its my stick excuse" is going to be obsolete.

There are two ways you can go.

If you are a Bauer stick user and you know what "family" you belong too (Nexus, Supreme or Vapor) you can start at these flex points, shaft shapes, blade cores and tapers. You can then choose your flex, grip, blade pattern and color. Beefing up a stick you already love with small custom changes.

NOW listen to this. Bauer Pro custom sticks are created from scratch.

Your choice of:


kick point

Shaft taper

Stick Grip ( including adding different ridges and textiles to the shaft)

Blade core

Blade Pattern



We are talking about a stick that is uniquely designed for your needs as a player. You want the edge when it comes to handling and shooting the puck? You've found it.

These custom sticks come in packs of two.

Come see our experienced sales associates and take a look at the curves and grip patterns only available with MyBauer.

453 Atwood Ave Cranston RI

Written by: Brendan Belisle.

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