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Modern Skate Choices – The Brand No Longer Dictates the Fit.

CCM and Bauer are two of the world’s most famous and well respected hockey brands, so it’s no coincidence that they also happen to be two all of the oldest.Both companies have a long and intricate history, from Canadian Cycle and Motor Company (CCM) when four prominent cycling companies amalgamated in 1899 after the collapse of the bicycle market, to Bauer’s origins at the Western Shoe Company, the first hockey company to begin producing hockey skates in which the blade was permanently secured to the boot. Between ownership changes, technology innovations, branding successes and some stumbles, there is a rich history attached to each company. Their Consumers are loyal, extremely loyal and this is especially true when it comes to hockey skates. One brand is the ruler of Canada (CCM) one is the ruler of the North East region of the United States (Bauer). Whether it’s on the phone, or in one of our stores it’s extremely common to hear “I swear by CCM!” or “I can’t wear anything but Bauer!” on an almost daily basis.

The main reason (and a quite substantial one actually) in which these claims are based is for decades the common truth was if you had a NARROW foot: You wore a Bauer, if you had a WIDE foot you wore a CCM. Today Technology and the urgency for both of these legendary brands to expand their reach has necessitated they change this antiquated way of thinking. While traditional Rink Store owners or armchair coaches might argue otherwise it is now a fact that, there is now a variety of fits spread across both brands that players can choose from either Brand and still find the skate feel they are searching for.

As 2020 approaches each brand has a skate that can work for your foot. It’s a Brave New World for Hockey Players. These seemingly forever rivals ironically have evolved to a similar point when it comes to the line of skates they put out on the market. In this case, their need to succeed makes winners of skaters everywhere.

Three Skate Lines > Three Different fits >Three different options to get you in THEIR skate.

CCM Jetspeed vs Bauer Vapor

CCM Tacks vs Bauer Supreme

CCM Ribcor vs. Bauer Nexus

These head to head match ups mirror each other with their fit profiles and what kind of player they are attempting to target. Let us take a brief look at the sizing in specific areas of the foot provided in each line:

CCM Jetspeed and Bauer Vapor Hockey Skates provide a tapered fit, most noticeably in the bottom of the foot. This design provides a fit ideal for the fleet of foot forward looking to make sudden changes in direction, creating your own space on the power play or cutting left when the defender is going right. Essentially providing a tighter more responsive fit is what these lines are all about.

Bauer and CCM Skate Sizing has changed
The Name is No Longer the Name of the Game when it comes to Model Fit..

CCM Tacks and Bauer Supreme Hockey Skates provide a tight heel lock and a foot bed area slightly more open than their Jetspeed or Vapor counter parts. The heel lock is all about power striding, giving the skater a firm base to launch from. Ideal for the up and down the wing forward looking to finish checks and scoring plays off the rush or the two-way defensemen looking to shut down and push the pace the other way. These lines are the “Hybrid” of the skate world.

Ribcor and Nexus Hockey Skates both have an open fit profile that is more of a form fitting custom fit in other words your fit is much more equal across the entire profile of the boot, there are no areas that fit tighter than others. This comfort gives players the confidence to have an amazing overall performance. Again with this line the emphasis is on space and comfort.

This is not to say that these skates produced by the individual Brands are clones of each other. Each brand brings specific specs outside of fitting that could sway you to either company. There are differences in the overall feel and weight balance, as well as differences in technology in boot construction, ankle protection, footbed style and comfort, blade holders, Steel, and of course the look.

These different specs are all explained in the product listing on our online store at Exclusive Photos will show you the technology and look of each skate as we make sure to hone in on the details that hockey players like us want to know more about. Be sure to check them all out HERE

So don’t be sold on the Name of the Hockey Skate Brand anymore. You have multiple options in both brands. We have hundreds of players and parents talk with us about what skate is the right skate. Not surprisingly, a huge percentage of folks were going on the old information that their choices were limited, but they aren’t. Consequently, the “other brand” may be your dream skate. One thing is for sure, whichever brand it is, we will have it.

Please feel free to come in and see us and have a conversation about skate fitting, we love talking skates and we’re always ready, willing and able to take in all your experiences with skates and break down what brand, model and size may best suit your needs and offer the lowest price to boot.

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