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It's Pond Season in New England

Updated: Dec 27, 2017

A traditional New England Time of Year is once again upon us. As Rhode Islanders we get excited about it, we anticipate it, we put hours of thought into it. We call it Pond Season, but whether or not you’re skating on a Frozen Pond, one of the great backyard rinks we’re famous for here in the Ocean State, or at the local downtown Pop Up Rink for a Family Day of Fun, we have the right products for you no matter the budget or time commitment.

Not all Pond Season Skaters are the same, so lets breakdown the breeds of Pond Skaters and how to spot them in their natural habitats:

The Casual – These elusive creatures only appear after Christmas Day and are usually identified by their rust encrusted skates and a tangle of laces. They may come out of their skating hibernation 1 to 3 times when the snow falls and the temperature drops. They are known to travel in packs and carry their collection of skates in bags.

How do we cater to the Casual at 2nd Time Around Sports? We will untangle your laces, maybe sell you some new ones if they are torn. We will sharpen those rusty skates to unrecognizable razor sharpness for the hardest of ice. Beyond repair? Not to worry, we carry a massive selection of New or Used Models, priced for seasonal use and soakers to store them in when they get put back into the cave (AKA the basement).

The Devoted – Year round hockey skating lovers. Usually looking for a reason to leave their lair in between viewings of the Winter Classic, the World Junior Championships or any vintage repeat on the NHL Network. Most commonly the owners of Hockey Skates who are looking for a second pair to “beat on” outdoors.

Helping the Devoted? We sell Hockey all year long but we also have a full stock of Mid to High End Used skates at unreal prices. So you can have the quality you’re used to but at less than half the price. And when you’re ready to move on, we can buy, trade or consign your skates to help feed your hunger for the latest models.

The Repeat Performers – Still got it? And by it we mean the skills, just not the skates. Usually identified by their expertise and general skate knowledge. Maybe they sold those Figure Skates years ago after College or maybe they just found them at their folks place and they need a little touchup before stepping out again. Either way we can help the repeat performer. We sharpen Figure Skates with care and carry models in a variety of prices so before you know it you’ll be toe-picking your way to an Olympic comeback.

The Creators – These are the master craftsmen (and women) who turn their backyard habitat into a Frozen tundra of Hockey action with games long into the darkness of a Rhode Island evening. Nurturing the ice to perfection and agonizing over ever measurement, from the benches to the boards. Recognized by their attention to detail and ability to adapt to their surroundings. We supply the Goals, Pucks, Sticks and Pads, the Goalie Gear for the one stuck in the net and the little accessories to make it all complete like goal horns to celebrate the big goal, Skate Tightners to lace up in the bitter cold or plastic bladeguards to make it back to the nest with.

So, while there may be many sub species as yet undiscovered these are the most general of Pond Season Skater classifications. Which one are you? We’d love to hear, so visit us on the 2nd Time Around Sport’s Facebook Page or drop us a line today!

Enjoy the Season, and the Pond, here in our great North East.

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