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SMU Redux - The sequels to last year’s biggest hits look to be even bigger blockbusters.

Special Makeups first hit our shelves in 2015 with a bang. What was not to love? Skates, Sticks and Protective made to take all the basic features of a particular model and improve on them. Throw in one or two ultimate upgrades and you were left with a supercharged version all at unbeatable prices. Among the first worries people expressed with special makes ups were “Are these a gimmick?” “Are these knockoffs?” and “Are these not the real deal?” The answers were quite simply, “No, no and NO.”

Since then SMU’s have been one of the most popular purchases with our customers for their value and performance. It also helps that experienced skaters in our customer service department have assisted folks find the right model and fit for their dollar. Of course you’ll find lots of Special Make Up content on our online store from Blogs to Special Sections to lengthy comparisons of the stock models to their SMU cousins. So we will leave the explanations about what an SMU is behind for now, however if you’re still wondering feel free to revisit our original blog on the subject here

So now the juicy stuff, cue intro music: 2018 brings us new SMU Models from Bauer, CCM and Warrior in a variety of categories and not available at the Big Box Stores. Today we focus on Skates and Protective. Watch for Sticks in upcoming Blog editions.

Skates – Bauer brings us the New Ignite Series featuring the Ignite Pro +, the Ignite Pro and the Ignite while also debuting the Nexus Freeze Pro. CCM brings out a revamped Tack Classic Model Line with the Classic Pro+, Classic Pro and Classic. Let’s take a closer look at value upgrades.

Bauer Ignite Pro + (Based on the Supreme 2S)


Comfort Edge Top Collar

Wear Patch on Top Liner

Lock Fit + Liner

Black LS3 Steel

Bauer Ignite Pro (Based on the Supreme S29)


Hydra Max Liner with Wear Patch

2S Tongue

Black LS2 Steel

Bauer Ignite (Based on the Supreme S27)


S29 Tongue with Black Mesh

LS1 Steel

Hydra Max Liner

Injected TPU Outsole

Bauer Nexus Freeze Pro (Based on the Nexus N2900)


Max 2 Liner

Black LS3 Steel

2N Tongue

Composite Outsole

CCM Tack Classic Pro+ (Based on the Tack 9080)


Speedcore 2 Stiffness

Reinforced TPU Outsole with Exhaust

Tri-Tech 10mm White Felt Tongue

Anatomical Response Footbed

Speedblade Black Oxide Steel

CCM Tack Classic Pro (Based on the Tack 9070)


Rocketframe Composite / Metaframe Boot

Tri-Tech 10mm White Felt Tongue

Brass Top Eyelets

Speedblade Black Oxide Steel

CCM Tack Classic (Based on the Tack 9060)


Metaframe Technology Boot

Speedcore 1 Stiffness

TotalDri Liner w/Abrasion Resistant Zones

Tri-Tech 10mm White Felt Tongue

Brass Top Eyelets

Of course, these are specs of new model SMU’s introduced for 2018. Lines from last season migrating over to 2018 include the Bauer XLXT and CCM Maxx Lineups, so a variety of fit styles are available.

Protective –Bauer Ignite Series, CCM Classic Series.

Gloves, Shinguards, Shoulderpads, Elbow pads and Pants all get the treatment as well. We have received so much positive feedback from players and parents on the Special Makeup Protective since we first started carrying it. Overall the major pluses have been upgraded moisture management systems, additional protection in key areas bolstered by lightweight materials and added flexibility without sacrificing protection. There are so many features that a list would read like a veritable War and Peace of Specs, so we will leave the specifics to the product descriptions themselves found in each listing.

Key NEW Model Lines for 2018 – Vapor XLTX, CCM Jetspeed, Warrior Covert QRE Pro (Pants)

Returning for 2018 -

That’s a lot of info to take in, isn’t it? Well same here, but part of being able to sing the praises of our exclusive SMUs is knowing them inside out. There are so many features for less that sometimes it’s overwhelming, but remember you can always contact us. We pride ourselves on being able to take the information you give us and help you make the best buying decision possible with experienced Team Members who have been on the ice for most of their lives, with no ego or attitude and who are there to answer your questions. We love the satisfaction of personally assisting someone and having them be completely happy and looking at the upcoming 2018 Sequels to an already Award Winning Franchise we are sure once you’ve bought your ticket, seen the show and written your reviews the 2018 SMU Redux is sure to be packed with winners.

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